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New Bruises / The Amistad 7" OUT NOW!

So, yeah, Monday will see the release of the New Bruises & The Amistad split 7".  Number 3 in the second series, it certainly doesn't disappoint, 4 excellent anthemic gruff punk tunes.  You can hear one song from each band on their band page (click on bands on the left hand side).   Series subscriptions comes on yellow vinyl and the regular copies on red - free instant download, as usual, with each record.  You have a rather attractive owl as the cover, continuing the British Animals theme...

We have The Arrivals and The Arteries songs, so that should be ready for a late September release - on time again, something is bound to go wrong at some point but so far so good!

Posted on August 11th, 2011

Iron Chic / Pacer 7" out now... State Lottery / 255s out soon!

Pretty much as the title says!  All pre-orders are in the post for the Iron Chic / Pacer 7"s - we still have copies left but they are now available for wholesale so they are going pretty fast.  There are less than 20 of the 100 available series subscriptions left, so don't sleep on it too long if you if you are thinking of signing up.

The State Lottery / 255s split is up for pre-order and these will be ready at the end of the month - available on grey vinyl for series subscribers and orange for the regular version.  You can hear a song from each band (along ith every band released so far) on the bands page.

New Bruises and The Amistad up after that, out late July with a bit of luck!

Posted on June 5th, 2011

SERIES 2 Announced!

Series 2 is now up and ready for pre-order.  All 12 bands have been announced and the first record should be out in just over a months time.  Anybody pre-ordering the series (or the Iron Chic / Pacer 7") will receive an instant download so you get the songs straight away!  

Yet again, everybody subscribing to the series will get their records on limited colour vinyl (/100) and have a chance to win a test press from each of the 6 releases.  Head on over to the store to find out all the details...

Posted on April 26th, 2011


Just a quick post - the Ok Pilot / The Scare and Great St Louis / Red City Radio 7"s are all gone now.  Also, we have just 3 sets of the 1st series left, so if you want a complete set, I would order it very soon!

Series 2 update will come in the next few weeks...  8 bands confirmed so far, going to be great, trust me!

Posted on January 20th, 2011

Cheap Girls / Above Them Update, Test Presses & Series 2!

The Cheap Girls / Above Them 7" has sold very fast and so we have a second and final pressing.  They are all finished and ready to ship - this time on red vinyl, with red on purple screen printed covers.  A lot of this pressing is reserved for Cheap Girls to take on tour but we still have plenty available through the store.  


We are running low on a lot of the series 1 7"s, so for those interested, we have about:

12 complete sets of series 1 (11 on mixed colour, just 1 on yellow)

10 copies of the 1st pressing of Cheap Girls / Above Them 7"

3 copies of the OK Pilot / The Scare 7"

15 copies of the Red City Radio / Great St. Louis 7"

20 copies of the Bangers / Dirty Tactics 7"



These are all gone now - sorry!


**SERIES 2**

Before the end of the year, in November hopefully, we will announce the line up for series 2 (or at least the majority of it).  A couple of great bands confirmed already and a few we are working hard on convincing!


Posted on October 8th, 2010