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Great Apes / Daikon 7" OUT TODAY

So, after a few delays, we are happy to announce the Great Apes / Daikon 7" is out today!  We actually got a few copies pressed on clear vinyl, as well as black, so you can choose which colour you want.  I sent clear copies off yesterday for all the pre-orders, and so they should be with you shortly.

If you haven't listened to the 7" yet, you can stream the whole thing on the item page.  This really is one of my favourite 7"s of 2012 - 2 new bands, 3 excellent songs...

Posted on October 12th, 2012

PRE-ORDER Accelerators LP, Bedford Falls LP, Great Apes / Daikon Split 7"

So today we have 3 pre-orders going up.  Very busy times but we're really excited and happy about putting each of these records out.  We contacted Great Apes at the end of last year about doing a 7" and 8 months later their split with the equally excellent Daikon is ready. The plan was to have a quite period leading up to the next 7" series with just that record coming out, but after hearing the new Murderburgers, Down & Outs, Accelerators & Bedford Falls albums, the opportunity to be involved was impossible to pass up.  We thought about doing just a couple of them but knew we would regret it, so here we are! 

You can read more and stream songs from each release through the links below.  Each pre-order comes with an instant download, so you can enjoy the records straight away whilst waiting for them to arrive...

  ACCELERATORS - Fuel For The Fire LP


 BEDFORD FALLS - Elegant Balloons LP

All 3 releases are due to be shipped out the first week in September.

Posted on August 14th, 2012

DOWN & OUTS - Forgotten Streets LP OUT NOW!!

We were due to put the pre-order up today for the new Down & Outs album but we got some great news this morning - the LPs will be here on Mon/Tue, a week earlier than expected.  It means we don't have to worry about a pre-order as the records will be shipping out early next week, as soon as we get them!

The Down & Outs have been one of my favourite UK bands for the past 8 years and needless to say we're super excited to release their new album on All In Vinyl.  Easily their best album yet, carrying on from where "Friday Nights..." left off -  hit after hit!  For those who haven't heard them before, they play melodic anthemic punk rock in the vein of One Man Army, Cock Sparrer, Dillinger Four and The Clash.  This and the Murderburgers record are my two most listened to albums of the year, which is a pretty good indication of just how good I think they are!

As with all our releases, the record comes with a full digital download.  You can hear 2 songs from the album and purchase it from here -

This is a co-release with Yo-Yo Records, so if you live in mainland Europe you may want to get it through them to save on postage.  The CD version is available through Boss Tuneage and the Down & Outs will be releasing a digital version of the album sometime next month.

Posted on August 3rd, 2012

Murderburgers new LP OUT TODAY! (plus lots more releases coming soon!)

The new Murderburgers album is back from the pressing plant and all pre-orders (that didn't include the split w/ The Gamits) have been shipped.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, it's such a good pop punk album and we're really proud to be putting it out as our first LP release.  If you still haven't heard it then head over here to listen to the whole thing.

The final 7" in the 2nd series which features The Gamits and The Murderburgers should arrive in 2 weeks and will be posted out to everyone the day it does.  If you want a sneak preview head over to the bands page on our site and hear a song from each band.  The gamits excelled themselves on this 7", they really do get better and better.

Finally, a quick update on some more upcoming releases...  

AIV014 is a split between 2 new(ish) Californian bands, Great Apes and Daikon and should be out in a month or so.  

AIV015 is the new Down & Outs - UK street punk at it's best, essential listening for fans of One Man Army!  Late June release

AIV016 is the new Accelerators album, due out at the end of August.

Then after this we will have series 3 of the split 7"s - all the bands (but one) are in place now and as soon as we have dates pencilled in for each release we'll announce the bands and rough release dates for each 7".  This time they will all be out in a 6 month time from rather than 12 months, so less waiting around.

So yeah, busy times!  We'll bring you more info on each of the other releases closer to the time but for now make sure you grab a copy of the Murderburgers album from the store...


Posted on May 25th, 2012

Murderburgers new abum!

For those who don't already know, we are very proud to be releasing the new Murderburgers album on vinyl.  We should have the LPs back from the pressing plant in 3-4 weeks and we are putting the pre-order up now, so you can get an instant digital download of the album straight away.  If you are a fan of good pop-punk, (The Ramones / Screeching Weasel / Teenage Bottlerocket etc...) I'm sure you will not be disappointed - you can hear the entire album here.  

Also, if you are subscribed to the 7" series (and order the album in the next 3 or 4 weeks) you only have to pay $3 postage no matter where you live (it will be posted out in mid-May when we have the Gamits/Murderburgers 7"s in as well).  IN ORDER TO GET THE $3 POSTAGE RATE, PLEASE SELECT "ALAND ISLAND" AS YOUR COUNTRY WHEN CHECKING OUT.  We are losing a chunk of money on postage by doing this but we wanted to make it really affordable to people outside the UK.  This offer is obviously only valid before the final 7"s in this series are back from the pressing plant (about a month) and please only select this if you are subscribed to the series, otherwise I'll have to cancel your order!

If you aren't subscribed to the series, we have 5 regular sets left (the limited ones went a long time ago!) and you can still take advantage of the $3 postage.  The last split in the series, featuring The Gamits and Murderburgers, will be ready for mid-late May and it's well worth the (longer than expected!) wait. 

Series 3 will follow in the second half of this year and expect a big announcement on that just as soon as these next couple of records are back from the pressing plant.  Also, I haven't forgotten about the test press draw for series 2, there will be an email about that (sent to everyone who bought the series) before the end of the month.  

Posted on April 11th, 2012