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Jimmy Islip & The Ghosts - The Wild West Riding LP OUT NOW!

Today we are very happy to announce the pre-order for Jimmy Islip's debut album, The Wild West Riding.  For those who don't know, Jimmy has been in a variety of UK punk bands in the last decade, most recently The Magnificent.  He has spent much of the last 2 years touring Europe with the likes of Austin Lucas, Digger Barnes and the Revival Tour, with these influences shining through on the album.  We should be receiving the records in 10 days time - I really can't wait, it's such a good record!  If you are a fan of Tim Barry, Drag The River or Chuck Ragan I'm sure you will love it.  It comes with an instant digital download.  A full stream of the album is on Punknews -

**If you live outside the UK, please order the album here **

**If you live in the UK, please order the album here **

Next week we'll also have the pre-order and stream for The Steve Adamyk Band / Dauntless Elite and Candian Rifle / Zapiain split 7"s - both test presses came back last week sounding great and we're still on schedule to have them ready in 2 weeks time.  We should have the artwork any day now and as soon as we do I'll post it on the site.  We still have a few (about 20) series subscriptions available and if you would like to get one, you can do so 

Posted on May 14th, 2013

Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart & Timeshares / Dividers 7"s OUT NOW!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy in the last week or two getting everything together in my free time.  The good news is both the Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart and Timeshares / Dividers split 7"s are now ready.  It turns out Rancid decided to press 100,000 7"s at the same time we sent our records to be pressed, causing a couple of weeks delay!  I managed to get a fair few packages off on Saturday and the rest will be going off tomorrow (Monday).  If you live in the UK you will definitely get them by Xmas, if you live in mainland Europe they will most likely arrive just in time and the rest of the world will get them in 7-10 days.

At the start of the new year I'll have some more news on when to expect the next 7"s

Posted on December 17th, 2012


Finally we can announce all the details for the new 7" series... Hopefully you think it's worth the wait!  We're super excited to be releasing records from all 12 of these bands.  The first 2 records are at the pressing plant now and are will be sent out in late November.  If you pre-order either record (or the series) then you get an instant download so you can listen to them in the meantime.

It's the same format as previous series, each 7" has 1 UK and 1 US / Canadian band, with 2 songs from each.  There will be limited colour variants again (/100) for those who subscribe to the whole series .  You can, of course, buy any of the 7"s individually - they also come on colour vinyl with a digital download.  Lubrano (from Iron Chic) is doing the artwork for the whole series and the covers are being screen-printed by Get A Grip again, so you know it's going to look great.  We will also be running the same test press contest as previous years for everyone who subscribes.

Punknews will be streaming every 7" as it comes out, with first 2 records coming in the next few days

Head over to our main page (  to order

Posted on October 19th, 2012

Great Apes / Daikon 7" OUT TODAY

So, after a few delays, we are happy to announce the Great Apes / Daikon 7" is out today!  We actually got a few copies pressed on clear vinyl, as well as black, so you can choose which colour you want.  I sent clear copies off yesterday for all the pre-orders, and so they should be with you shortly.

If you haven't listened to the 7" yet, you can stream the whole thing on the item page.  This really is one of my favourite 7"s of 2012 - 2 new bands, 3 excellent songs...

Posted on October 12th, 2012

PRE-ORDER Accelerators LP, Bedford Falls LP, Great Apes / Daikon Split 7"

So today we have 3 pre-orders going up.  Very busy times but we're really excited and happy about putting each of these records out.  We contacted Great Apes at the end of last year about doing a 7" and 8 months later their split with the equally excellent Daikon is ready. The plan was to have a quite period leading up to the next 7" series with just that record coming out, but after hearing the new Murderburgers, Down & Outs, Accelerators & Bedford Falls albums, the opportunity to be involved was impossible to pass up.  We thought about doing just a couple of them but knew we would regret it, so here we are! 

You can read more and stream songs from each release through the links below.  Each pre-order comes with an instant download, so you can enjoy the records straight away whilst waiting for them to arrive...

  ACCELERATORS - Fuel For The Fire LP


 BEDFORD FALLS - Elegant Balloons LP

All 3 releases are due to be shipped out the first week in September.

Posted on August 14th, 2012