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Cheap Girls / Above Them Update, Test Presses & Series 2!

The Cheap Girls / Above Them 7" has sold very fast and so we have a second and final pressing.  They are all finished and ready to ship - this time on red vinyl, with red on purple screen printed covers.  A lot of this pressing is reserved for Cheap Girls to take on tour but we still have plenty available through the store.  


We are running low on a lot of the series 1 7"s, so for those interested, we have about:

12 complete sets of series 1 (11 on mixed colour, just 1 on yellow)

10 copies of the 1st pressing of Cheap Girls / Above Them 7"

3 copies of the OK Pilot / The Scare 7"

15 copies of the Red City Radio / Great St. Louis 7"

20 copies of the Bangers / Dirty Tactics 7"



These are all gone now - sorry!


**SERIES 2**

Before the end of the year, in November hopefully, we will announce the line up for series 2 (or at least the majority of it).  A couple of great bands confirmed already and a few we are working hard on convincing!


Posted on October 8th, 2010