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The Suicide Machines
Revolution Spring

It was in 2006 that Detroit, MI, punks The Suicide Machines called it a day after 15 years and six full-throttle, super-charged, and confrontational albums. "Revolution Spring," the band's seventh album and Fat Wreck debut picks up right where they left off - full of blistering, rousing songs finding the band in truly explosive and energetic form. Old and new fans aline will find "Revolution Spring" an energetic homage to the band's past anthemic, hardcore ska-punk roots, mixed with the newfound optimism and raw personal life experiences of the band. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing :
Bully In Blue
Awkward Always
Babylon Of Ours
Flint Hostage Crisis
To Play Caesar (Is To Be Stabbed To Death)
Trapped In A Bomb
Detroit Is The New Miami
Eternal Contrarian
Well Whiskey Wishes
Black Tar Halo
Empty Time
Impossible Possibilities
Potter's Song
Anarchist Wedding
Cheers To Ya

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