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Destination Failure

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Smoking Popes teamed up with Side One Dummy records to release their milestone album "Destination Failure" on wax to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release. Coming as a 2xLP on black wax, each copy includes a signed insert by the band and features three unreleased bonus songs from the original sessions. The album carries across the work of the late Jerry Finn, whose list of accomplishments in record producing include landmark punk rock albums such as "Enema Of The State" and "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket" by Blink-182, as well as "Dear You" by Jawbreaker.

1. Star Struck One
2. No More Smiles
3. I Know You Love Me
4. You Spoke To Me
5. Paul
6. Can't Find It
7. Capital Cristine
8. Before I'm Gone
9. Megan
10. Let's Hear It For Love

11. Pure Imagination
12. I Was Right
13. They Lied
14. End Of Your Time
15. Pretty Pathetic
16. Follow The Sound
17. Stormy Weather (bonus track)
18. I Was Wrong (bonus track)
19. Usually Don't Know (bonus track)

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