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Epic Problem / The Slow Death
Split 7"

Hopefully you already know both bands but just in case you don't... Epic Problem are from Derby (UK) and are (for want of a better description) kind of like the UK version of Off With Their Heads. But with a streetpunk edge. And with Mackie from Blitz. The Slow Death are one of Jesse Thorson's (The Falling Angels, The Lil Happiness) current bands. They're from Minneapolis and a perfect accompaniment to Epic Problem. Think Tiltwheel, OWTH, Dillinger Four, etc and you'll be in the right ballpark.

A1 - Epic Problem - Skincrawl
A2 - Epic Problem - Mannheim Nil
B1 - The Slow Death - Bored To Death
B2 - The Slow Death - Not Today