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September Downs

Weekend Dads are back at it again with the solid jams! The seven tracks on September Downs continue to obscure the boundaries between the classic pop punk 1-2-3-4 sound and the styles of today's more anthemic, rough around the edges attack. They do so while maintaining the infectious catchiness of the former and the hard driving power of the latter. I like to think that bands making music like this have the ability to pull in fans from both sides of the fence and open a gateway between the two to broaden musical tastes and remind us that no mater how many differences exist in the punk scene, we're all in this together.

1. Stand Up And Bury Your Head In A Rock Opera About Work
2. Voice Argument
3. 163 River
4. YHZ
5. Run Far Away
6. Michigan And Trumbull
7. Podium