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THE FLATLINERS Division Of Spoils (2xLP)

Over the course of their 13-year journey as a band, The Flatliners have covered an impressive amount of ground, cutting their teeth on aggressive ska/punk and eventually arriving at their current sound of incredibly nuanced, passionate and heavy punk rock. This collection is a compilation of B-sides, rarities and unreleased songs that span the band's history including some unearthed fledgeling demos and tracks that have been completely unreleased until now. Now available on vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes digital download of album and two additional tracks.

1. Lifers
2. Broken Men
3. This Guy Reads From A Card
4. Cut Your Teeth
5. This Song Is Like Thunder And Lightning In A Wide Open Field
6. Calutron Girls
7. Wynford Bridge
8. Sleep Is For Bitches (demo)
9. 407
10. Daggers
11. Christ Punchers
12. Sticky Bastards

13. Run Like Hell
14. Open Hearts And Bloody Grins
15. Hot Trouble
16. Fangs
17. Fireball
18. Ahead By A Century
19. Cry Cry Cry
20. Southwards
21. Straight American Slave
22. Get Out Of My Face (CD and digital download only bonus tracks)
23. Spill Your Guts (CD and digital download only bonus tracks)

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