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There's something to be said about friends coming together to release a record out of pure admiration for each other. Have Mercy and Somos' upcoming split record, due out February 24th on No Sleep Records, is a prime example of two acts that have long performed in the same circles and who've partnered up for no other reason than to release a split out of mutual respect and love for each other's music. The upcoming split will feature newly recorded versions of old and new songs including a live, acoustic version of "Two Years" and a unique cover of the iconic singersongwriter Jackson Browne's classic song "Somebody's Baby" from Have Mercy, and a new track called "Streets Upon Streets" and an acoustic rendition of "Domestic" from Somos. 7" includes digital download.

1. Have Mercy - Two Years (acoustic) (live)
2. Have Mercy - Somebody's Baby

3. Somos - Streets Upon Streets
4. Somos - Domestic (acoustic)

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