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Life Is A Breeze

This is The Brokedowns that all the nerds and drunks get down with: Jon brings the thunder, Kris brings the laughs, Eric will inevitably be shirtless and Mustafa keeps a mean beat and rolls the spliffs. They take growly, Midwest punk (a la D4, Lawrence Arms) and make it heavier, angular and a little Hot Snakes-y. Laugh along with the song titles, sure, but these boys aren't fucking around when it comes to social commentary. The Brokedowns know how to have a good time and they know how to write punchy punk jams, but what they do best is smack you on the ass with their words. "Life Is A Breeze" is an album for the party punks AND the smart punks.

1. Joliet, The Maui Of The Midwest
2. The Gospel Of Mustafa
3. Life Is A Breeze
4. Murder Junkie/CPA
5. Everything Is Immoral
6. Born On The Bayou Too
7. What A Drag
8. The End Is Not Near

9. Bless This Mess
10. Cash For Gold
11. DIY Space Program
12. Vapor Chase
13. I Respect Your Right To Always Be Wrong About Everything
14. God Hates Math
15. Keep Branson Weird
16. A Child's Guide To Black Metal

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