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What do you get when you take a classical music teacher, a philosophy student, a nanny/barber and a professional poker player and stick them in a house in Northeast Portland, OR? It's the up-and-coming indie/punk quartet Lee Corey Oswald. The band got their start in the vibrant and vivacious punk scene of Scranton, PA, alongside bands such as Title Fight, Tigers Jaw and The Menzingers, before relocating to Portland, OR in 2009. Vinyl version includes digital download.

1. Always Never
2. Living Room
3. Progress
4. Soda And Cigarettes
5. Regards
6. Scatterbrain

7. "Sarah, Work Is A Four Letter Word"
8. Snow Globe
9. Batting A Thousand
10. Still Shut Out
11. Elements
12. Red Balloons

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No Sleep Records
Colour Vinyl