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New Kids On The Bong

Sass Dragons are back! These dudes broke up a couple of years ago shortly after the CD release of this album. But they are back together again so we teamed up with No Breaks Records to get them started back up right where they left off. New Kids On The Bong is an epic album. I don't use the word "epic" lightly, mind you. Sass Dragons were and are one of thee best punk rock bands of the past decade or two and NKOTB is recorded proof of that claim. These Chicagoans know how to write a tune and play the shit out of it. While most of the jams on this album are of the poppy punk variety, there is also a handful of cut-loose thrash jams, straight up tear jerker monster ballads, pro radio style talent tunes and even a goddamn ho-down hobo classic! Eclectic? Yeah, and then some. Banjo, saxophone, acoustic guitars and keyboards all work their way into this album and it ain't no thing at all. It's like that shit was always used in punk rock and you just never noticed. Sass Dragons forever!

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