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Madison Bloodbath / Calvinball Split 7" AIV 005

The 5th 7" in our split 7" series...

Madison Bloodbath have that very familiar "drunk gruff" punk sound, with obvious comparisons to bands such as Tiltwheel and Dillinger Four. "Gittin' Loose With" is one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years, and these songs continue where that left off. An electric version of Beercan Chicken and a brand new song make for some excellent listening!

Calvinball have been drinking their way round UK basement shows for the past 3 years. More catchy anthems about self-loathing that are sure to become instant classics! If you aren't a Calvinball fan already this probably won't convert you but if you are, then you certainly won't be dissapointed.

4 Sing-a-long, gruff, drunk, bearded punk anthems... what more could you want?

Comes on Green vinyl with Orange / White screen printed covers, handnumbered (/300)

1. Laisse Tomber
2. Beercan Chicken (Electric Version)
3. Has Anyone Seen My Self-Respect?
4. Remake Of A Classic

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Pressing Information

300 on Green Vinyl
240 with Orange covers, 60 with Yellow covers

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