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Dirty Tactics / Bangers - Split 7" AIV 004

Number 4 in the All In Vinyl split 7" series...

Dirty Tactics are very hard to stick a label on - they have a unique approach rarely heard nowadays. What you can be sure of is a contagious, distinctive sound - raw, catchy melodies over twangy guitars. Their 2 songs on this split are a cover of "Another Day" by Chrimpshrine and a boozing party tune, "Party Foul".

Bangers go from strength to strength, whilst keeping the same formula which made them one of the most popular punk this side of the Ocean. Tight as fook sing-a-long punk rock in the form of "Jon Shoe" and "Straight Gin..."

Come on orange vinyl, with white on black covers:

Side A: Dirty Tactics

1. Another Day

2. Party Foul

Side B: Bangers

3. Jon Shoe

Straight Gin Makes You Batshit Crazy

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Pressing Information

200 w/ Black covers, 60 w / Yellow covers & 40 w/ Green covers (available through Flix Records)

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